This year I tried out a new service I got shown on an Instagram advertisement. I gave it an honest try and wanted to share my experience. Please note, this post does contain affiliate links however this is not a sponsored post. I was not asked to write this post and decided to do it on my own initiative but utilized Acre's referral program.

These bright and pretty golden coins are foil covered chocolate candies.
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

Extreme economic times have fallen upon us as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the world, pushing people towards trying more flexible, nuanced ways to stay afloat.  This also stands true with investing. The bull market seems to be coming to an end, perhaps soon leading to a very bad recession. While staying healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually should be at the top priorities for most of us, it’s normal to be worrying about how your financial health will hold up throughout these hard times. What assets could hold up against inflation if it eventually comes knocking? For those looking for less risky assets that have a long track record of holding value, gold is something to consider.

Let me be clear: I am the world’s least knowledgeable investor when it comes to buying gold,  as I’ve never bought anything gold before. To me, buying gold has always seemed intimidating. Instead, I turn to things like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because I can buy a whole one, or .0000001 of one if I want. While with gold, the cost of buying a gram or more can get very expensive, very quickly. In my lifetime so far, it’s always been this way and so, anytime I have saved up enough money to buy any investment worth holding, it was normally well short of what an ounce of gold would cost.

Fractional Investing With Acre Gold

I listen to a lot of podcasts. Here are some things that I’ve learned: It is not fringe advice to say that gold is a solid investment to consider during these health pandemic times. This can be seen, as there are gold shortages worldwide. With a bit of Google-searching on my own, I was soon re-targeted for adds related to gold investing, including Acre Gold.

Acre Gold markets themselves as a subscription service to give consumers the opportunity to affordably invest small amounts of money into what eventually accumulates to what is worth a 2.5-gram gold bar, which is mailed right to your door!). From the website:

“Meet the new store of value. Timeless, thoughtfully designed, and guaranteed to retain value in a way that cash never will. An excellent weight for a first time Gold buyer or for the pro who likes to accumulate their Gold over time, our Gold 2.5 gram bars are tasteful and refined, with a modern design and mirror-like finish.”

And so, if you’ve ever wanted to own gold, but have always been unsure about where to start, Acre Gold seems like the perfect place/option to begin.

Acre Gold Subscription In Action

In order to see Acre Gold in action, I’ve signed up for a subscription myself. Overall, my experience has been pretty smooth, despite sometimes feeling as if the details of what I was getting into seemed a bit too abstract for my liking. From the costly monthly payments (insert how much you were paying if you’re comfortable with doing so here! I think it’s really put things into perspective for your readers) to the progress towards earning my gold bar, I couldn’t fully understand the logistics of the platform.

What I’ve learned, however, is this:   Each month, a set amount of money comes out of your account. That dollar figure goes into a non-interest bearing balance which gets shown after each payment as a rough idea of how close you are to buying a full Acre gold bar.  In my opinion, the issue with this is that the price of gold changes on a daily basis  and so, your balance can be worth 90% of a gold bar one day but only 85% of one the next.  At times, I would get my hopes up to have my gold bar show up at my door only to find out that I hadn’t accumulated enough yet.  I’d have to email their support and they’d explain how my amount wasn’t quite where it needed to be, etc. I feel like there’s probably a better way to show this information to the customer to give them confidence that their money is accumulating towards their goal rather than have it be a guessing game.

The Gold Business Isn’t Easy

I don’t envy the Acre team or any team that needs to manage supply chains of certified gold. Given its limited supply and its huge demand, I am surprised that Acre is able to offer relative guarantees to users that they’ll get gold in a timely manner. However, due to the nature of how the operations of Acre work and the lack of control over my purchases, I have decided not to renew my subscription. Like me, if you’ve never purchased gold before, I recommend giving Acre Gold a try -- even if you only subscribe long enough to purchase one gold bar. I think it’s important to exercise investment ideas that align with your values rather than to dwell on them and not take action. If the Acre Gold team reads this, I want to say that I am not disgruntled as a customer at all. The customer service was wonderful and polite and if they are able to add a bit more granularity to the data that is available to me on my investments and status of my subscription, I would definitely sign up again. A great idea would be a mobile app that shows this data as well.

It’s Still Pretty Cool and Shiny

I want to say that as of writing this my first 2.5-gram gold bar arrived and while it’s smaller than I expected, it’s pretty awesome to hold a piece of raw material in my hand that I know is worth money just about anywhere in the world. It actually makes me want to buy more!

Have you ever bought gold? Please leave a comment and let us know your experience and if you would continue to invest in it.