From our previous post “Lessons Learned Trying To Spend $600 A Month On Groceries”, we recently started trying to achieve a monthly grocery budget around $600. Mr. Bear and I are generally not good at budgeting. But with that number in mind, we tried to consciously spend on food for an entire month to see how we could do.

Let’s see how much we spent on groceries in Feb-2020 and how we can improve in Mar-2020.

For meat, we ordered from our local farmer. We still have 5 lbs of ground pork/sausage left to eat. We will order another delivery of meat on March 7th for the month. Our total meat spend last month was $295.98.

For Grocery shopping, we eliminated store-shopping and did only Whole Foods delivery. This way, we still have quality produce and have an easier time controlling the cost 😊. We did take some extra trips to buy wine (making rabbit stew) and Asian Supermarket/Mekong for some fish sauce and dried noodles. In total it was $441.17. With this style of shopping, we ended up adding an extra $26 for the delivery driver tip.

For eating out, we only eat when we absolutely needed to. For example, working outside all day and we don’t want to deal with cooking or going to visit family and coming home late.

This month, we had a garden project (wait for my next post!) and worked a lot outside and were too exhausted at the end of the day to cook. We ended up spending $192.99 on these types of meals.

It only shows Mr.Bear spent one time Starbucks, which surprised me but it is nice to see such progression from him. For this month, we decided to buy steak and lobster at Big Y for Valentines’ day as well. It was $42.80 but We had a lot of good food and enjoyed our romantic night. We rented a $4 movie on Amazon for that night as well. Not bad!

With these details, in total we spent $903 for grocery and eating out for Feb-2020.

Now let’s see what we can do better for Mar-2020. To make it to $600, maybe we should try to reduce our meat consumption to $200, reduce eating out from $192.99, order grocery from Whole Food around just $80 each time, or something else? Or we could change Whole Foods delivery to Pick-Up at Walmart to avoid the driver tip? What do you say?

I don’t think we did terribly this month but obviously we still have room to grow here. Any thoughts and feedback are welcome and appreciated!