Mr. Bear and Misses Cat are a married couple with a little boy learning and growing on their way to financial independence. Together they bring complimentary skills and passions to their common goal of decreasing their dependence on employment wages and increasing their freedom through savings, frugality and smart investments. We are all about building and fostering community which is why we are putting ourselves out there semi-privately (for now) through this blog.

Mr. Bear works in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world - trying to proliferate his passion for decentralized finance and access to under-served segments of society.

Misses Cat works in big pharma and is extremely passionate about permaculture, cooking and particularly fermenting all kinds of foods.

They are exploring the ideals of home schooling their little boy, co-housing, investing, international life and entrepreneurship together on this blog and are looking forward to connecting to like-minded people who will share with us and challenge us as well!